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biography of artist Naomi Alexander ROI, hon.SGFA

Naomi Alexander photo

Naomi Alexander on the roof of Chatsworth House

Naomi Alexander ROI is a painter whose favoured subjects include domestic interiors and landscapes. She travels widely and her works are inspired by subjects she has seen, based on Sketches and Watercolours produced “en plein air”. Her major projects include a series of paintings of the attics of Chatsworth and works made in Lithuania. Authored books include 'Once Upon A Time In Lithuania' (2006) and 'Domesticity' (2015) and a new graphic novel is in preparation, featuring a series of iPad drawings on the subject of Naomi's experience of domestic abuse. She is regularly commissioned to paint Portraits



1954–1959  Hornsey College of Art NDD, London
1960–1961  Textile Designer for Baroness Batsheva de Rothschild, Israel
1961–1963  Post-Graduate at the Central School of Art, London
1972–1976  Studied Old Master conservation under President of the British Picture Restorers Association
1976  Accepted as associate member of the British Association of Paintings Conservators and Restorers
1977  Established 'Zalkin Old Master Restorers' whilst working for the Ministry of the Environment in the Victoria and Albert Museum
1983  Accepted as a member of the Royal Society of Oil Painters
1988–2000  Publicity officer for the Royal Society of Oil Painters
1998–2008  Trustee for Paintings in Hospitals (PiH)
2000–2010  Council member of the Royal Society of Oil Painters

2024  Made honourary member of the SGFA (Society of Graphic Fine Art)

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