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Naomi Alexander: 'The Rosengartens in Riga before WWII'

'The Rosengartens in Riga before WWII'
- New Hall Art Collection, Cambridge; donated by Naomi in 2016


List of Collections:

New Hall Art Collection, Cambridge
The Laing Art Gallery, Newcastle
The Shipley Art Gallery and Museum, Tyne and Wear
Sultan Said Bin Taimar of Oman
Sultan Qaboos Bin Said of Oman
The Duke of Devonshire collection
The Ben Uri Museum and Art Gallery, London, NW8
Katherine Viscountess MacMillan of Ovendon
Europos Parkas, Lithuania
Baker Tilly, London
The Japanese Broadcasting Association, Japan
Mary Gilben of Christies, Tel Aviv
Oscar Woollens, London
Paintings in Hospitals, London
Baron Van Dedem
The Victoria and Albert Museum (Gallery 66)
The Second Royal Tank Regiment (Desert Rats), Colonel Hobart of 4th Tank Brigade
B’nai Brith Organisation, Sir J. Gilbert
Sir Sigmund Sternberg
Sir Richard Storey, Sunderland and Portsmouth Newspaper Groups
Eugen Datel, New York
Merryfield Gallery, London
Honourable Daniel MacMillan
Lambeth Hospital, London
The Honourable V. Penny
Lady Mary Hatch

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